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+120 5-Star Reviews
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10000+ Happy Customers
+120 5-Star Reviews
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
10000+ Happy Customers
+120 5-Star Reviews
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
10000+ Happy Customers
+120 5-Star Reviews
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
10000+ Happy Customers
+120 5-Star Reviews
30 Day Guarantee

Here you go, the best oil for hair fall. With 15 + herbal hair oils it effectively provides the best hair fall treatment. This ayurvedic Hair oil deeply rejuvenates your scalp and helps in hair growth. The Ushna oil provides the best dandruff treatment and seals moisture into the scalp. Massage this best hair oil twice in a week to experience best hair results. Undoubtedly,  this is the best hair oil for hair growth.

Discover the benefits of Ushna Hair Oil and experience the difference!

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Revitalize and nourish your hair with our infused hair oil, a potent blend of natural ingredients that promotes strong, shiny, and healthy-looking locks.

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Ushna Hair Oil

New Improved Herbal Hair Oil Strong & Long Hair 120 ml

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REDUCES HAIR FALL: Ushna Hair Oil helps reduce hair fall, making your hair look fuller and healthier.

STRENGTHENS HAIR: This hair growth oil contains Coconut and Olive oil, which strengthen hair from the root, reducing breakage and split ends.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: With natural ingredients like Amla, Hibiscus, and Rosemary, this ayurvedic hair oil promotes hair care and growth by stimulating hair follicles and improving blood circulation to the scalp.

NOURISHES THE SCALP: The blend of natural oils and herbs nourishes the scalp, reducing dandruff and other scalp issues.

IMPROVES HAIR TEXTURE: Ushna Hair Oil improves hair texture, making it look and feel softer and smoother.



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What it will do 

Experience premium hair care with Ushna Hair Oil. This exceptional blend of 15 natural and herbal oils, including a special mix of 6 oils, such as ylang-ylang, olive, rosemary, hibiscus, and amla, provides a complete solution for hair fall.  Better than regular oils, it promotes regrowth, reduces hair fall, and prevents dandruff and other scalp issues. With the innovative Wonder Cap, you can easily target the roots for maximum effectiveness. Discover the best in hair care with Ushna Hair Oil – Shop Now!

How to use it?

1.Apply the New Improved Ushna Herbal Hair Oil to your scalp.

2.Gently massage with the fingertips  acupressure stimulation heads added effect.

4.Apply hair oil in the evening and shampoo your hair in the morning. 

5.Oil can also be applied twice a day.

Strengthens and repairs damaged hair

Suitable for all hair types

Moisturizes Hair Strands

Reduce frizz for a lustrous finish damage.


100% natural ingredients, including 9 magical oils infused with various herbs. Ideal for longer hair, it stimulates growth, controls dandruff, and works best on damaged hair. Nourishes the scalp, strengthens roots, adds volume, stops hair fall, and adds shine. Prevents split ends and promotes healthy, strong hair, giving you smooth and shiny locks.

Key Benefits:

  • 97%

    Reduce Hair fall in 10 days

  • 84%

    More Shiner Hair 

  • 100%

    Dandruff Free hairs with regular use

Give Your Hairs a whole new life 

100% Natural Ingredients: Includes 9 magical oils infused with various herbs.

Stimulates Hair Growth: Promotes longer and healthier hair.

Controls Dandruff: Effectively reduces dandruff and soothes the scalp

Repairs Damaged Hair: Works best on damaged hair, restoring health and vitality.

Nourishes Scalp: Deeply nourishes the scalp, ensuring overall hair health.

Strengthens Roots: Fortifies hair from the roots, reducing breakage.

Ideal for Healthy & Strong Hair: Ensures your hair is healthy, strong, smooth, and shiny.

Stops Hair Fall: Prevents hair fall, keeping your hair intact.

Adds Shine: Leaves hair shiny and lustrous.

Prevents Split Ends: Protects against split ends for smoother hair

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